“Today” Show Airs My Eliza Scidmore Story

With With NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker at the Tidal Basin in DC, during filming for NBC’s “Today” show.

Pretty amazing experience for this first-time author, when I was interviewed for NBC’s “Today” show in a program that aired March 30. It spotlighted the life and career of Eliza Scidmore, the subject of my new book, and her critical role in bringing Japanese cherry blossoms to Washington a century ago.

You can see the clip here.

I was in awe at how skillfully the producer, Caroline Virenius, and NBC correspondent Kristen Welker grasped the essence of Scidmore’s story, then crunched down several hours of filming and interviews into a three-minute segment. Both had clearly done their homework in reading the book and putting together a great script.

The “Today” show scenes under D.C.’s cherry trees at peak bloom captured the magic we Washington-area residents—and a million-plus visitors—feel every year at this time.

Many people I talked to seemed to think the blooms were especially beautiful this year. A result perhaps of the long spell of chilly weather we’ve had, which may have have suspended the blooms at their height. Or maybe just a reflection of our pent-up joy after the tough years of covid.

Whatever the cause, being down at the National Mall, under the radiantly blooming trees, felt transcendent. It’s clearly what Eliza Scimore felt when she saw flowering cherries in blooming Japan a hundred years and wanted to transplant that hanami (cherry-blossom viewing) experience to Washington.




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