My groundbreaking biography of Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore,

a long-overlooked pioneering American journalist of the late 19th century

and the earliest visionary of the now-beloved cherry trees in Washington, D.C.,

is set for release in March 2023 by Oxford University Press.


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Diana Parsell
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A writer, editor, journalist and novice biographer, Diana Parsell has worked in Washington, D.C., and Southeast Asia for media and science organizations, including National Geographic, NIH, AAAS and The Washington Post, as well as many freelance clients.

Eliza Scidmore

My former website and blog on Eliza Scidmore, "A Great Blooming," has been incorporated into this website. I've been blogging about her since 2012, and all my blog posts about her can be accessed through the photo icon lower on this page or by this link. Tracking down her many achievements as a pioneering female journalist and intrepid world traveler has taken me from Washington, D.C., to as far as Alaska and Japan.

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Scidmore Bio Available for Pre-Order

At last. A decade after I stumbled across the long-overlooked story of Eliza Scidmore, my biography of her is now set for launch in March 2023. Oxford University Press has added the book, with its lovely cover, to the list of upcoming titles in its latest catalog. You…

Since 2012 I have been interviewed about Eliza Scidmore and her far-ranging achievements by The Washington PostNational Geographic and Japanese and British TV. BBC2's "Great American Railroad Journeys" featured me speaking on her 1893 travel guide to Alaska. I've lectured on Scidmore to a dozen diverse audiences, most recently to an overflow crowd at Glacier Bay National Park.