Diana Parsell Writer

Diana Parsell Writer

Diana Parsell Writer

Ueyno Park cherry blossoms

My book in progress describes the trailblazing life of Eliza Scidmore, the Gilded Age travel writer behind Washington’s Japanese cherry trees.

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About Diana

Diana Parsell
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In a wide-ranging editorial career, Diana Parsell has worked for media and science organizations in Washington and Southeast Asia, including National Geographic, NIH and AAAS, The Washington Post, and The Chronicles of Higher Education and Philanthropy.

About the Book

Every age has strong, independent women who defy gender conventions to follow their hearts and minds. Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore (1856-1928) was one such maverick — an American woman who shattered the glass ceilings of her day to achieve a string of remarkable "firsts" in a career that took her many times around the world. Writer and biographer Diana Parsell has tracked down Scidmore's story from Washington and the U.S. Midwest to Alaska and Japan.

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In July 2018 Diana lectured on Eliza Scidmore and her historic travels in Alaska to an overflow crowd at Glacier Bay National Park. While in Alaska, she was filmed for the BBC2 travel series "Great American Railroad Journeys," speaking on Scidmore's 1893 travel guide to Alaska. Diana has also been interviewed on her book by The Washington PostNational Geographic, and Japanese television.