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Diana Parsell
                                Other Projects

Annual Reports

WorldFish Center Annual Reports, 2007/08, 2006, 2005, 2004

Center for International Forestry Research Annual Report, 2000

American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Reports, 1995, 1994



CIFOR News, Nos. 19-27, June 1998 – March-April 2001


National Geographic Maps

Wrote all text legends for two large magazine fold-out maps:

     “Special Places of the World: New York City,” Sept. 1990

     “Special Places of the World: Holy Land,” Dec. 1989


Helped plan website redesign for Washington Independent Review of Books (Jan.-Feb. 2013)

Writer and member of team that developed website redesign

at Earth Observatory of Singapore (Sept.-Nov. 2009)

Member of team at American Association for Advancement

of Science that developed EurekAlert! as centralized website for science news (1995-96)


Technical and Policy Reports

Challenges for a New Generation: The Situation of Women

and Children in Indonesia, 2000, UNICEF and Government

of Indonesia, 255 pp. (edited the report)

Integrated Natural Resource Management in CGIAR, Oct. 2000, 50 pp. (based on conference proceedings)

CIFOR in Indonesia, 1999, 28 pp.

           Wrote news releases and other communications materials for

           environmental policy group World Resources Institute, 1991-92



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